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    Dr Kennedy has a real way to make you feel at ease from the moment you walk in the office.
    I have always been afraid of needles and everything that goes along with dentists,
    but her easy manor and fantastic skills made me forget where I was. The staff,
    is very nice and before I knew it I was done! Thank you Doctor."
    Rodney S

    I didn't expect the visit to go the way that it did. I expected an
    impersonal doctor to give me random small talk while unsympathetically
    burrowing around in my mouth. I got none of that. All I got was pleasant
    sincere conversation and a painless proceedure. Thank you, Doc."
    Roger F

    I don't usually write testimonails like this, but when Dr Kennedy asked me,
    I immediately said Yes. I hate going to the Dentists, but know its something
    important to do. So, when it came time to go, I was a bit nervous. I had no reason to
    be. Dr Kennedy was a pleasure and I actually look forward to my visits, now."
    Thomas P

When you have been practicing Dentistry as long as I have there are plenty of opportunities to have patients write testimonials for me. I cherish each one as its that patient’s personal feelings and trust that they are writing down for me. Its very difficult to convince some and make them comfortable with a Dentist, which is why I feel that running my practice involves a good deal of actual caring, sympathy and just lending an ear.

I am in the process of getting my back load of testimonials I have received over the years. This site is new, so I am just now getting all up, but there are a few up here for you.

If you are in the need of dental work, I would enjoy meeting you and being given the opportunity to turn you into my next testimonial 😉 Thank you and God Bless.

Kathryn Kennedy, DDS.

Feedback from our patients

Westmont, IL DentistRobert S

Very affordable..

I needed the work done, but was nervous at the price, since I don't have insurance. Very reasonable and I was able to pay. Very happy.
Westmont, IL DentistAshley F

It doesn't hurt... Really.

  Pain has always been my reason for procrastinating the dentist. Now, with Dr Kennedy, thats not an issue. When having my teeth filled, I had to have shots. Dr Kennedy put this cream stuff on my gums to deaden them for the shot! I didn't even feel the Novocaine shot!
Westmont, IL DentistEdaline L

Very Satisfied...

  I was comfortable the minute that I walked into Dr Kennedy's office. I greeted from the reception counter by a very pleasant woman and experienced this same courtesy all throughout my visit. I'm very happy that I have found my dentist.

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